Trump Goes Belligerent On Twitter Over Predator Pal Kavanaugh


The president is currently railing on Twitter over the NY Times correction of a story they published about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused once again of sexual battery when he was younger. The NY Times, through an editing error, left out information that made it seem like the alleged victim was making the claims.

The victim, however, doesn’t remember the incident, and it is a witness who is making the claims all these years later. Does that mean the crime didn’t happen? No, in no way does the correction make the story less incriminating, but that’s what the president is trying to get you to believe on Twitter.

Check out what he just posted:

Coming from anyone at Fox News, that is just laughable. At least NY Times had enough dignity to correct their errors, unlike the faux news network known for printing flat-out lies that never get retracted.

People on Twitter were raging over the president’s apparent bias towards the sexual deviant, but hey, birds of a feather, right?

Below are some of the best comments people left on the tweet: