Trump Tweets Video Of Lewandowski Hearing & Gets Creamed


When Democratic Chair of the Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler started off the Mueller Report investigation, the results were disturbing. The committee appeared to wobble all across the Russian cyber-attack on the U.S. 2016 presidential election. Robert Mueller appeared disappointing, but he did remarkably better in the Intelligence Committee hearing that afternoon. Why?

Now, the Judiciary Committee has begun its public hearing testimony of Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Once again, the Democrats set the tone by allowing Lewandowski to run it into serious avoidance. Then as if it were choreographed, the Republicans guided the hearing toward a variety of soundbites.

That was when it became apparent that Nadler was the problem. Trump loved it and tweeted his pleasure.

The committee needed an experienced prosecutor to take the reins from the first moment. Nadler had at least three skilled attorneys in his committee and could have let them start with what amounted to a hostile witness on the stand.

POTUS not only tweeted his pleasure, he sent Lewandowski’s full opening statement across the world.

There is no such thing as a hatchet-man exemption even for this Trump strong man. Lewandowski actually admitted that Trump told him to break the law. He literally confirmed two instances of criminal activity.

Still, the chair and some of the committee members let the former campaign manager off of the hook. A good first-grade teacher could have made Leweandowski mind better.

After using some of the stalling tactics of a kid not wanting to go to bed, the Dems asked him to read part of his Mueller testimony. Instead, told the representatives, in essence, “you do it” which was totally inappropriate. They did.

The Democrats were referring Lewandowski to the part of the Mueller Report:

‘Two days after the President directed (White House Counsel for to the President Don) MaGahn to have the Special Counsel removed, the President made another attempt to affect the course of the Russia investigation.’

‘The President met one-on-one with Corey Lewandowski in the Oval Office and dictated a message to be delivered to Attorney General Sessions that would have had the effect of limiting the Russia investigation to future election interference only.’

Twitter world went nuts. Check out some of our favorites below:

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