Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Call Trump A ‘Disaster’ As Donald Rages Online


President Jimmy Carter, 94, and former first lady Rosalynn Carter, 92, have been married for 73 years. As they celebrated their wedding anniversary at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia, people wanted to know the secret of a good marriage. He also had some important advice for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Both of the Carters criticized Donald Trump, calling him “a disaster.” Then, they said he encouraged racism and other issues. This was the first of their Conversations with the Carters series for the 2019-2020 season. Tickets sold out in five minutes.

President Carter spoke about passing on his knowledge on to the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates. He discussed global warming, human rights, ending war, an attitude of acceptance of others, and constructive criticism of the U.S., according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

‘If they do those things, I would probably vote for them. I don’t know who I will vote for, but I will vote for one of them. I voted for Bernie (Sanders) the last time. But one of the major factors I have in my mind is who can beat Trump. Because I think it would be a disaster to have four more years of Trump.’

Carter then added as the audience laughed:

‘This is a non-political meeting.’

Trump has called Carter “a nice man” but “a terrible president.”

Rosalynn Carter has been working for mental health care. She has been especially interested in a mental health task force that she created:

‘If the Carter Center had never done anything other than sponsor Rosalynn’s mental health program, we would have done fine.’

Former first lady Rosalynn Carter said:

‘It is hard to stay mad after you read the Bible.’

When reporters asked the president from Georgia about race relations, Carter said that America should call for understanding. However, Mrs. Carter laid out the core of the problem more bluntly:

‘I think we need a new president. I am so disturbed about white power. He [Trump] says he is not a racist and maybe he is not. But some of the things he says, encourages racism.’

President Carter put the concept of never-ending wars in perspective. He said that since the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, our country has been in some form of war for 227 years out of its 243 years of existence:

‘That means we have been at peace for 16 years. I won’t tell you who had four of those. That shows you that the U.S. is deeply inclined to go to war.’

The Georgia native noted that although Trump talks a big game, he seemed hesitant about going to war:

‘Which is something I like about him. Don’t ask me what else I like.’

Carter relayed that he was friendlier to Iran than Trump has been. He also said that Saudi Arabia gave him support for his policies during his days in the White House:

‘I think we can resolve the issue diplomatically and that is what the president is inclined to do,” Carter said. “Find someone to talk to Iran with mutual respect. But I don’t have a clear answer on what side we should choose.’


Regardless, President Carter kept his optimistic view of the country’s next days with “complete confidence:”

‘I still have complete confidence that the United States, if given time, will resolve its problems. We have always been able to do that in the past, whenever we faced difficult questions. The United States still has that innate strength.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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