Meghan McCain Tries To Defend Sean Spicer On & Fails Horribly


This past Monday night, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer made his debut on the ABC program Dancing With The Stars, whose addition of the controversial former Trump shill was itself controversial. During an episode of The View this week following Spicer’s dance — which he performed in a bright green shirt that quickly went viral — Meghan McCain tried to defend the former Trump official. Co-hosts including Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg quickly shot back, however, pointing out that Spicer doesn’t get to escape the real consequences of going to bat for President Donald Trump with lies about everything from the crowd size at his inauguration to Trump’s Muslim ban.

McCain had led with comments including:

‘He has children who are adopted, he’s a really decent man. He used to dress up like the Easter bunny at the Easter egg roll. He did it, you know, for kids, and he used to be really well respected, and I think it just goes to show when you work in the Trump administration, there are some people that come out of it — and maybe they have a political future, or you can be on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and opening that up.’

Despite fellow conservative co-host Abby Huntsman (herself the daughter of outgoing Trump administration official Jon Huntsman Jr.) chiming in with an effort at support for Spicer, Hostin shot back:

‘He shouldn’t have lied to the American people, repeatedly. That’s all, really. For me, you have got to think about what he did. He lied about the inauguration crowd, he defended Trump’s lie about how there were 3 million fraudulent votes in the 2016 election. The list goes on and on and on — lied about the Muslim ban.’

Goldberg added:

‘He had to have known the moment he went behind that bush that that was what people were going to take.’

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In an infamous incident around the time that Trump fired James Comey from the directorate of the FBI, Spicer was reported to have hidden in the bushes to avoid questioning from reporters. Later reporting was corrected to state he was “among” the bushes — which really isn’t all that different of a locale.

Besides that, Spicer did make himself known while in office for his servitude to Trump’s lies and overall egomania. On literally his first day on the job, Spicer got before members of the media and insisted that the crowd at Trump’s then-recent inauguration had been the biggest at any inauguration ever, period. It wasn’t — but the lies went on from there anyway.

He is far from the first person to go through the ringer like this, in a sense. Trump’s time in office has seen another press secretary leave, too — Sarah Huckabee Sanders departed the White House after initially serving as a replacement for Sean. Now, the White House is served by Stephanie Grisham, whose most recent role was as spokesperson for First Lady Melania Trump.

Trump lies plenty on his own time as well, having hit and flown by the milestone of 10,000 lies in office already.

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