Obama Goes Hard On Trump – Donald Goes Dead Silent


Donald Trump has a big problem with the first black president of the United States, and he has ever since Obama won his first presidential election. Before Obama, Trump was a Democrat who donated to the Clintons, but he completely changed his tune when America elected an African-American.

Obama usually stays pretty quiet about Trump’s nonsense, but he just said something to the press that will certainly be getting under the current president’s skin momentarily.

According to Axios:

“Obama has largely avoided major criticisms of President Trump, but he used his comments at a conference for Splunk, a company that helps businesses make sense of their data, to draw a contrast between the two administrations.”

Obama says that:

“I won’t say we enforced perfectly the ‘no-jerk rulem’ but its a pretty good rule. I won’t say who violated that rule.”

“I’m proud of the fact we didn’t have indictments. I’ve said that before but that is pretty rare in modern day.”

Obama took one final dig at Trump when he said that there are “a handful of big issues that if we don’t get right we have real problems. You can anticipate what those might be. Climate change is a big problem.”

Obama said:

“Ultimately, it is a moral decision we make that we are, as much as possible, going to mitigate this problem we’ve created.”