Collective ‘Ewwww’ As People Discover Stephen Miller’s Girlfriend


Try to imagine that Donald Trump’s senior policy adviser, the intense Stephen Miller was dating someone. After the collective “ewwww” died down, people began to wonder who on earth would date the man. After all, Miller is responsible for refugee children in cages, dying children being deported, and children taken from their parents. Is it possible that a woman would actually be the least interested in this man?

Well, it is true. Vice President Mike Pence just hired Katie Waldman, 27, as his new press secretary. As the truth of this astonishing turn of event unrolled, we learned more about her:

‘Pence has hired Katie Waldman, 27, to be his new press secretary, per NBC. She was a spokesperson for DHS under Nielsen, then comms director for Sen McSally. Also worth noting: Waldman is dating Stephen Miller’

Senator Steve Daines (R-MN) hired Miller’s girlfriend as his first press secretary in 2014. He said she was “one of the hardest workers he’s ever met:”‘

‘She has a very strong personality. She has incredible work ethic.’

The woman was communications director for Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ). Before that, she served as a Department of Homeland Security press secretary. Part of her job was defending Trump’s removing children from their parents.

Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short commented to NBC News:

‘She’s got extensive experience and she’ll be a great fit in our office. She’s shown she has the mettle to handle intense environments.’

People who knew her say she was:

‘…aggressive and sometimes polarizing communicator but has proven to be a loyal advocate for the Trump administration and its policies.’

A former DHS official who worked with her but was not authorized to speak said:

‘She impressed a lot of people in the administration with her work in DHS and on the immigration portfolio in the height of media interest.’

One of the senior administration officials who formerly worked at DHS with Waldman said her experience at the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, working for two senators, and in the administration gave her what she needed for her new job. Apparently, it also gave her what she needed to be interested in Miller.

‘…she’s pro-Trump and that checks all the boxes.’

Twitter world went “Ewwwww.” Check out some of our favorites below:

Featured image via Twitter.

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