Hillary Clinton Tweets Message Of Support To Women Ahead Of 2020


What if America has already elected a woman president? Maybe, Secretary Hillary Clinton really did win the 2016 presidential election? After all, Donald Trump admitted he saw nothing wrong with asking for Russia’s help aka hacking and cheating. Vanity Fair tells us that the election came down to 79,416 votes in Pennsylvania. What is next?

Six powerful and intelligent women stepped forward to run as the Democratic candidate for president in 2020. Trump has not been crazy about that, because he has not done well around strong women. It would probably drive him crazy to lose to a “girl.” Look how he treated the former secretary of State. Yet, she has not let POTUS or the thrown election define her or her life.

Instead, Hillary Clinton has been supporting other women in their courageous paths toward changing the world. Sixteen-year-old Greata Thunberg held her own with Republicans when she testified about the environment. Clinton cheered her onward:

‘@GretaThunberg to Congress: “I know you are trying but just not hard enough.” She’s right.’

Then, Mrs. Clinton gave a shout-out to Audrey Geiman who is on the cover of The Inc. magazine very pregnant and very much a CEO. She was one of 100 female founders of successful businesses:

We shouldn’t have had to wait until 2019 for this first, but I’m glad we’re here. Go, @AudreyGelman, go!’

Stacey Abrams ran for the governor of Georgia. There were a number of serious irregularities in the voting process. For one, her opponent was responsible for the integrity of the votes. This charismatic woman committed herself to changing the voting system in her state and said she was open to a vice presidency.

The powerful political candidate’s state has been filled with weirdly-shaped gerrymandered districts that were designed to give the Republican a head start. Some voters boarded a bus reserved to take them to vote, when they were turned away. Republicans have become famous for creative cheating, because their party has been shrinking. They cannot win in many districts fairly.

Clinton tweeted her support:

I’m glad you brought that up! Up to 300,000 registered voters in Wisconsin could have been turned away by the state’s voter ID law in 2016.

‘@staceyabrams is working hard to make sure that never happens again, but she needs our help: http://votesaveamerica.com/fairfight’

Next, the former cabinet secretary put Julia Spoor on her Twitter site. Spoor is one of the women in Clinton’s and her daughter Chelsea’s book The Book of Gutsy Women:

‘You certainly are one of them. It was our honor to include you, Julia.’

Clinton wrote this about their book for publisher Simon and Schuster:

‘Growing up, I knew hardly any women who worked outside the home. So I looked to my mother, my teachers, and the pages of Life magazine for inspiration. After learning that Amelia Earhart kept a scrapbook with newspaper articles about successful women in male-dominated jobs, I started a scrapbook of my own. Long after I stopped clipping articles, I continued to seek out stories of women who seemed to be redefining what was possible.’

Twitter world went insane. Check out some of our favorites below:

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