Giuliani Freaks Out On Cuomo In Wild Off The Rails Interview


Rudy Giuliani has not exactly proven known for being levelheaded while he’s been working as President Donald Trump’s lawyer. This week, he kept that trend going with a wild interview with Chris Cuomo that he sat for that aired on CNN Thursday night. Giuliani reached such a fever pitch that — in line with some of the harshest criticism against the media from his boss — Giuliani began verbally ripping into Cuomo’s personality, claiming him to be a “sellout” and more. This ranting is what the current lawyer for the President of the United States resorted to when faced with tough questioning that this time centered on Giuliani’s own efforts to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens for supposed (but nonexistent) fraud.

Giuliani insisted to Cuomo:

‘You’re trying to distort what I’m saying because you’re totally biased… You are, Chris. It’s sad… it’s sad to watch what’s happened to you. It’s sad!.. You’re a total sellout. These are crimes of major proportions, and because they’re Democrats, you won’t cover it.’

Giuliani is here referring to allegations he’s personally helped push that when then-Vice President Joe Biden helped pressure Ukrainian authorities to fire a corrupt top prosecutor, Biden was getting a kickback of sorts via lifting an investigation into a company his son Hunter had been working with. The problem is — there’s blatantly no apparent evidence of the kinds of “major” crimes Giuliani claims define this situation. Joe has said he didn’t even know his son worked with the company — a push to see that top prosecutor fired had been unfolding with the support of numerous “Western” interests, not just because of Biden. Some reporting has even suggested the prosecutor closed the investigation before he was even fired.

Giuliani remained undeterred anyway. When Cuomo asked if the lawyer would produce documents he claimed supported the assertions he was making, Giuliani refused. He railed:

‘Why would I give the enemy the documents… You are not fair and impartial. You are totally biased and your network is a creature of the Democratic National Committee.’

In the Trump era, it’s just another day when the lawyer for the president of the United States denounces a middle of the road, mainstream media outlet as the “enemy.”

It makes the Trump team seem like they’re at war with information itself and reliant on info getting cut off to open up a space for them to do their dirty work — which is supported by another “highlight” of Giuliani’s Thursday CNN appearance. At one point, he insisted that he did not ask Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, but then just moments later, he said “of course” he did ask the country to investigate the Bidens. It’s like the Trump team is trying as hard as they can to run a redo of the mess that was 2016, again diving into trying to cultivate foreign help against political opponents — which is largely illegal.

Trump himself is in on the act too, though. It’s come out that a whistleblower complaint from the intelligence community about his behavior apparently centers on a phone conversation he had with current Ukrainian leadership.

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