Trump Doesn’t Like Donald Jr.’s New Girlfriend (DETAILS)


Donald Trump is a hard man to please, according to anyone who is reckless enough to associate themselves with the most corrupt president in United States history. Donald thinks he is a brilliant genius, according to his own words, so everyone around his seems ignorant to him, including the nation’s entire intelligence community.

Trump’s oldest sons constantly try to win their father’s love, but none more than the president’s namesake, Donald Trump Jr.. Junior is pretty much a parrot for his father’s agenda, often spewing dad’s rhetoric on his Twitter page.

Junior falls short every single time he puts his neck out for his dad, without so much as even an acknowledgement of his son’s support. The same goes for Trump Jr.’s new relationship with conservative talking head, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

According to reports, the president did not immediately approve of the relationship. According to The Atlantic:

In March 2018, Page Six reported that Don’s wife, Vanessa, was filing for divorce after 12 years of marriage. The echoes from his childhood were hard to ignore. The couple had five kids—including a daughter who was about the same age he’d been when his parents split up—and the tabloids were circling.

Hoping to spare their children from the media circus Don had experienced, he and Vanessa committed to keep their no-contest proceedings quiet. He told his publicist he didn’t care what reporters wrote about him, but requested that they respect his kids’ privacy and keep in mind that some of them were old enough to read.

The publication continues:

Trump had been ambivalent about Don’s wife. (Some traced his doubts back to her teenage romance with a member of the Latin Kings gang; others pointed to an oft-retold story about Vanessa meeting Don’s dad at a fashion show and later joking that he was “retarded.”) But the president was even less enthusiastic when his son started dating Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The Fox News host had lobbied to become White House press secretary early in the administration, but Trump had shown little interest, according to two former aides. “Even he can tell the difference between the attractive women on Fox who have a little bit of substance, and those who will be derided as airheads,” one aide said. Now she was gallivanting across the gossip pages with his son, and posing for photos on the South Lawn.

It’s not over there, however:

The family was friendly to Guilfoyle in person, but there were signs of disapproval. One source told me that after her attendance at a White House Fourth of July party sparked a round of fawning press coverage—upstaging Jared and Ivanka—Don was contacted by an official informing him that he would need to clear his guests the next time he visited. And as Thanksgiving approached, the president made it known that Guilfoyle wasn’t welcome to join the family at Mar-a-Lago, two Trump associates told me. (Spokespeople for the White House and Don denied this.)

Some suspected that the president was simply fed up with the distraction the relationship posed. But according to one longtime Trump adviser, there may have been another reason for his displeasure. Over the years, Trump had frequently made suggestive comments about Guilfoyle’s attractiveness, the adviser told me, and more than once inquired about whom she was dating.

This would be troubling news for any new couple. The outlet went on:

But while Trump may have been less than thrilled about the relationship, among rank-and-file right-wingers “Donberly”—as the couple nicknamed themselves—was a hit. Appearing side by side at Republican rallies, they bantered about each other’s pet names—she was “Pooh Bear,” he was “Junior Mint”—and railed against Democrats. They went on hunting trips and posted selfies with rifles on social media. Fans on Twitter began referring to Guilfoyle as the “future first lady,” and she made little effort to tamp down the speculation.

When an interviewer on Breitbart News’s radio show made a comment about Don’s political potential, Guilfoyle didn’t hesitate: “I think he’s the No. 1 up-and-coming political figure, for sure, on the right.”