Trump Confronts NY Times Over Coverage Of Kavanaugh Story


President Donald Trump has consistently made his hatred of the media loud and clear. He’s been doing it again following The New York Times publishing a story chronicling sexual misconduct accusations involving U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who Trump nominated to the court. Trump spent days tearing into the publication over the story, including via comments offered to reporters aboard Air Force One, where he complained that Kavanaugh and his family have supposedly been “hurt very badly,” as if in this scandal involving sexual misconduct allegations, Trump wants us all to rush to feeling sorry for the accused predator without even considering those on the other side for a moment.

Trump complained:

‘They’ve hurt that man and his family so badly. He has been just really devastated by the hurt that’s been caused to him, his beautiful daughters, his fantastic wife. They have hurt him so badly… He has been hurt so badly, and it’s so unfair. He’s a good man. That wasn’t supposed to be in the cards.’

Again — he’s just completely steamrolling over even the possibility that there’s someone other than Kavanaugh in this family with “hurt.” He would like us all to believe that the numerous sources claiming that the now judge was involved in harassment and assault as a younger person are just completely made up and part of the same in reality nonexistent “fake news” conspiracy against the Trump camp — or something. With the ardent support of numerous white male Republican members of Congress, Kavanaugh has passionately denied the allegations against him at every turn, including via public testimony delivered directly to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

At that same hearing, Christine Blasey Ford chronicled her own memory of assault at Kavanaugh’s hands — but we’re supposed to take her word as corrupt and Kavanaugh’s as gospel, apparently.

At a rally Trump held in New Mexico this past week, Trump ranted:

‘The left tries to threaten, bully, intimate Americans into submission. They use Democrat prosecutors and phony congressional committees whenever they can. They’ll do whatever they can to demean you, to libel you. They try to blacklist, coerce, cancel or destroy anyone who gets in their way. Look at what they’re doing today with Justice Kavanaugh.’

Again — he’s refusing to acknowledge the basic reality of the evidence against his own team in the cases of those “phony Congressional committees” and against Kavanaugh in the case of the numerous personal testimonies, including those The Times shared most recently of people who were apparently never interviewed by authorities, despite their own attempts to get in touch and the show of an FBI investigation into the allegations.

Many are sick of the charade, and numerous public figures have called for Kavanaugh to be impeached. Like a presidential impeachment, for that to actually succeed in getting Kavanaugh out of office, there’d have to be the agreement of majorities in both houses of Congress — and that’s not a possibility on the horizon, considering the Republican majority in the Senate. It’s not as though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has done anything but stick closely by Trump over and over again.

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