Trump Suffers Paranoid ‘Joe Biden!’ Sunday Public Meltdown


Donald Trump thinks he is a king. At least, he acts like one. He tells people not to believe what they see or what they hear. Now, he is asking people to believe that the Democrats are doing exactly what he and the GOP are saying. Check out what happened after he hopped onto his helicopter.

Trump was going to Houston, Texas to look at the flood. Once onboard, he tweeted out that Democrats “say they will impeach:”

What would Trump do should the FBI investigate his children for getting “payments from foreign governments and foreign oligarchs.” Oh wait, they very well might have done so. The president tweeted:

‘“The real story involves Hunter Biden going around the world and collecting large payments from foreign governments and foreign oligarchs.” Peter Schweizer Laura Ingraham Hunter made a fortune in Ukraine and in China. He knew nothing about Energy, or anything else.’

His advice was to look “across the world” to see other countries have low-interest rates. Then, he threatened to fire the Chair of the Federal Reserve, Jay Powell — again:

‘“Go across the world and you’ll see either very low interest rates, or negative rates. The President wants to be competitive with these other countries on this, but I don’t think he’ll fire Jay Powell (even if I should!).” We should always be paying less interest than others!’

Then, Trump said that he wanted to be a Mothman, too:

‘I go along with Joe!’

Then, he tweeted the forbidden “impeach:”

‘Dems say they will impeach @realDonaldTrump, but have no reason.

Dems say they won’t ban guns, but their bills do just that.

Dems say they’re not socialists, but push socialist policies.

They lie about what they stand for because they know America will reject their radicalism.’

— Steve Scalise (@SteveScalise)’

Next, he accused the Democrats of trying to “destroy and influence Justice Kavanaugh,” who could be impeached:

“They are trying to destroy and influence Justice Kavanaugh, a very good man.” @LindseyGrahamSC 100% correct, and they should be fully exposed for what they are!’

Twitter world went nuts. Check out our favorites below:

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Featured image via Twitter.