Trump Suffers Sunday Afternoon ‘New York Times’ Mental Breakdown


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) held President Barack Obama’s choice for Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justice for a year claiming some sort of made-up rule. Donald Trump uses that strange, hallucinatory technique all of the time, too. As soon as the new president took office McConnell rammed through a very conservative man. That may be backfiring on him now that the hallucination is falling apart.

Trump tweeted that The New York Times was trying to make someone (Justice Kavanaugh) into an evil person. The paper did not have to try really though:

“The @nytimes is trying to make someone (Justice Kavanaugh) into an evil person when they don’t have the information to back it up. It is a false hoax.” @MZHemingway @MediaBuzzFNC Zero people were fired at the Times. Why?’

Then, a very pro-Trump filled a rally stadium for him:

‘Look forward to being with our great India loving community!’

Next, it was back to Kavanaugh in his hate-filled tweet:

‘Justice Kavanaugh should sue The Failing New York Times for all they are worth!’

When Justice was in his Senate Judiciary Supreme Court confirmation hearing, a very credible woman courageously took the stand. By then, she had become an expert witness on sexual abuse. She spoke out about the time a drunk Kavanaugh teen tried to rape her. McConnell had him voted in as justice anyway.

Twitter world took off. Take a look at some of our favorites:

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