BREAKING: Trump Tower Heist Sends NY Police Scrambling


Donald Trump is facing a lot of problems. There are the wars and potential wars. Then, there are all of the scandals, lawsuits, and campaign problems. Yet, this is one is a serious issue for him.

In his home away from the White House Trump Tower, there have been a series of high-dollar thefts among the Manhattan residents.  Trump Tower has been losing money as it becomes a far more undesirable piece of real estate. Maybe, he should rename the building Putin Tower.

The police have been investigating a series of robberies with around $350,000 in jewelry taken, according to The New York Times. Apparently, only two of the lush apartments were involved, NYPD police reported.

One woman, 33, left for vacation and in her absence, someone stole her $117,000 Graff diamond bracelet. Isabelle Bscher lives on the 59th floor of the skyscraper. She owns Galerie Gmurzynska, an art gallery. Bscher has been a third-generation art dealer.

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A woman, 67, living on the 42nd floor also reported her stolen jewelry to the police. She said that the thief took five pieces of jewelry valued at $236,000. The jewelry had been in a closet drawer:

‘[They included] a Harry Winston diamond bracelet, a ring, necklace and bracelet – all encrusted with diamonds and sapphires – and a pair of diamond and emerald earrings.’

Apparently, the thefts had been exceedingly pinpointed, going only for the jewelry in the homes of women away on vacation, which had led the police to believe this was an inside job. The apartments were not ransacked, and there were no signs of break-ins. Police did not indicate how the thief or thieves gained entry.

Individuals involved in both robberies knew about the building’s access. People who live in the building have a private entrance that bypasses the lobby. Police said:

‘It’s not somebody breaking into the building or roaming the halls, trying the doors until they find one that’s open.’

One of the robberies occurred between June 21 and September 9 when the first victim was away. The other theft occurred between September 3 and September 11 when the second victim was away. Thus far, the police have not identified any suspect.

The president had been spending several nights at his penthouse home. He came to town to give a speech at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly Tuesday, so the security was higher than usual. The Times reported:

‘The police have said that 55th Street from Sixth to Madison Avenues, and 56th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, are among the streets that will be closed to vehicular traffic during the week. Sidewalks are expected to remain open, but pedestrians may encounter Secret Service screening checkpoints, the police said.’

aed492c1-screen-shot-2019-09-23-at-10.14.46-am BREAKING: Trump Tower Heist Sends NY Police Scrambling Corruption Crime Domestic Policy Donald Trump Election 2020 Politics Top Stories Violence

The president’s triplex penthouse topped the multi-use structure. There are 263 luxury condominiums between the 30th and 68th floors, offices, upscale retail stores, and fine dining restaurants.



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