Trump Caught Off Guard At Meeting W/ Foreign Leader (VIDEO)


The president likes to pretend like he’s up-to-date on current events, especially those taking place within his own administration, but Monday, during a meeting with Egypt’s president, it was made known that Trump doesn’t know at least some of what is going on around him.

Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin surprised the president by saying that China had cancelled an upcoming visits to Americans farms. Mnuchin said this when asked about the cancelled trips:

“That was actually at our request they delayed that. We didn’t want there to be any confusion. They have started buying agriculture. They’re going to reschedule that at a different time. The timing didn’t work, but that was our request.”

Trump, seemingly stumped, asked Mnuchin why his administration had requested the trips be cancelled.

Mnuchin responded by telling the president it was to avoid confusion, to which Trump replied:

“Yeah, but I want them to buy farm products.”

Mnuchin then reassured the president that China had already agreed to purchase resources from the United States.

Trump looked very worried that his claims of winning the trade war with China appear to be accurate.

Look at the awkward encounter below:

The responses garnered by the tweets spoke volumes of what people feel about the president. We saved all the good ones for you below: