Trump Disrespects Reporter At U.N. Over Ukraine Questioning


The president doesn’t even need to be investigated. He gives himself away every single tie he is accused of a crime, the most recent being the Ukraine scandal in which he begged Ukrainian leadership eight times to make up dirt on his 2020 competitor, Joe Biden.

Trump has been going nuts ever since the news broke of the phone call between Trump and Ukraine, which is exactly what he does when he’s caught with his pants down.

Monday morning, Trump arrived at the United Nations, and immediately, reporters wanted to know what was going on with the Ukraine situation. Trump responded with this ridiculousness:

“Not at all seriously. I had a perfect phone call with the president of Ukraine. Everybody knows it. It’s just a Democrat witch hunt. Here we go again. They failed with Russia, they failed with recession and everything, and now they’re bringing this up.”

The reporters continued pressing the issue, and Trump became enraged when one media member mentioned the whistleblower who leaked the information to the press. Trump lashed out, screaming:


The video below shows the awkward situation: