Trump Talks In Circles When Asked About Ukraine Call


Donald Trump told America that he wants to serve three terms. He said that he likes dictators whose press only says nice things about them and the people adore their leaders. Yesterday, the president of these United States told us something that shakes the very foundation of this great country.

POTUS said that he wanted a Nobel Peace Prize and in his own mind deserved one. Yet, when he told us that he told the new Ukrainian president to investigate his major 2020 presidential opponent, the world seemed to stop:

‘President Trump: “I think I’ll get a Nobel prize for a lot of things.”‘

Trump had just told us that he committed an impeachable if not treasonous act. At the same time as he was pressuring Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter, he put a stop on almost $400 million in military aid as leverage. Ukraine badly needed that money in their war against Russia, our enemy:

‘Q: “You can authorize to release the transcript. Will you do that?”

President Trump: “I can do it very easily, but I’d rather not do it from the standpoint of all of the other conversations I have. I may do it, ’cause it was a very innocent call.”‘

Of course, Trump did not want the transcript of his conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky released any more than his tax returns. Here he talked in the third person, the royal “we” when he told the country “President Trump is wise.” The unspoken portion of that statement was “now don’t worry your pretty little heads:”

‘.@realDonaldTrump is showing that real strength and statesmanship can coexist with restraint. America is unquestionably the mightiest military power in the world and can win any military conflict. President Trump is wise to evaluate what is and is not in our national interest.’

The president announced he was corrupt, perhaps assuming that saying so in the clean air would defuse the impact of his deadly pollution:

‘This is the real corruption that the Fake News Media refuses to even acknowledge! ‘

Twitter world went crazy. Check out these favorites of ours below:

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