BOTCHED: Trump Appears To Have Chemical Burns On His Face


The president’s skin has been the subject of many conversations all around the world. Although he swear he doesn’t tan, the white circles around his eyes are just one of the tell-tale signs of tanning goggles. His orange glow is also a clear indicator that the president uses bronzer on his face, another thing he scoffs at the notion of.

The president has been at the United Nations recently, giving what seems like non-stop speeches in a desperate attempt to make the world believe he actually does work. While Trump seemed almost stoic throughout his speeches, it was his skin that drew attention. It almost looks as if the president had a chemical peel gone bad and used bronzer to try and cover it.

Zoom At Your Own Risk.

Check out some pictures from the past week:

United Nations: US President Donald Trump addresses at the 74th UN General Assembly at United Nations, on Sep 24, 2019. (Photo: IANS)

This isn’t the first tie Trump’s

This story from Business Insider highlights a very weird skin condition Trump has, called, Keratosis. Check out the image that caused a stir in 2018:

According to The Insider:

“according to dermatologist Kathleen Suozzi from the Yale School of Medicine, the barnacle-looking patch of skin on Trump’s face is probably not a sun spot, and it likely has nothing to do with his rosacea or tanning regimen, either.”

“Suozzi needed only a quick glance at a recent photo of Trump to venture a guess: it’s likely a skin growth called keratosis.”

Below we’ve saved a bunch of screenshots of the comment thread of the tweet above. Enjoy!