Giuliani Gets Laughed Off Of Fox News After Screaming Insults


Rudy Giuliani is disturbed. What other reason would he have for blindly following the president, ruining his own reputation in doing so? Giuliani is known for his televised rants, but the one he just pulled off Wednesday morning is a doozy.

Rudy was in the middle of a group interview when he threatened to sue Democratic strategist Chris Hahn over libel issues. Hahn responded by laughing Rudy off and trying to impart some wisdom on the clearly slipping elder, which set Rudy off big time.

Check out the awkward encounter below:

When Laura Ingraham is the voice of reason, you know there is a serious problem.

Rudy screamed, “SHUT UP, MORON!” And amazingly enough all he got was laughed at.

Hahn, seemingly quite amused at the childish tantrum from someone old enough to be his father, got an earful from Rudy, who continued ranting:

“Shut up! Shut up! You don’t know what you’re talking about, idiot!”

Hahn simply replied:

“I do.”


Eventually Giuliani refused to speak until Hahn’s mic was dropped, and naturally, Fox News immediately bent to his will. This all looks very bad for the president, regardless of the fact that he’s seemingly oblivious as to exactly how much trouble he’s in this time.

Watch even more of Giuliani’s televised breakdowns below: