Trump Caught Lying About Reason For Withholding Ukraine Aid


The president is a liar. This is simply a documented fact. He has been caught in more lies than every single former president combined, and his count just keeps getting higher. Trump is caught up in a pretty bad scandal right now, so he’s doing all he can to come out on top of this one, including lying through his teeth.

Trump claimed that his reasoning for withholding aid from Ukraine was because he was worried about corruption there, not because he was using it as leverage to get dirt on his scariest 2020 opponent.

Now, a letter from the Department of Defense has proven that the opposite fo what Trump said is true, and it is the last thing Donald Trump wanted to go public.

According to a letter from the Pentagon:

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This letter disproves Trump’s claims that rampant corruption was his reasoning for refusing to give Ukraine aid because trump had no intelligence indicating corruption in that area.

This scandal has led Pelosi with no other choice than to put impeachment on the table once and for all. She announced Tuesday that the House will begin an impeachment inquiry to discuss starting articles of impeachment.