Trump Just Rage-Tweeted About Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry


Donald Trump was stunned into a near-silence after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced the opening of an impeachment inquiry. Then, the president shook himself out of his stupor and began tweeting again. Check these out.

POTUS was scheduled to meet with Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky at the United Nations (UN) shortly after an impeachment inquiry was announced. Talk about bad timing — given secret meetings with Zelensky got POTUS into hot water in the first place.

Before that meeting, Trump tweeted about the “whistleblower:”

‘This “whistleblower” was found by the Intelligence Community IG to have a political bias against @POTUS @realDonaldTrump and supports one of his opponents in the 2020 race. You. Don’t. Say. #Hannity’

Then, he added he was “releasing the “full transcript of the Ukraine call.” Note, he did not say “calls,” even though the whistleblower said there was a pattern that made him very uncomfortable — enough so to put his career on the line:

‘POTUS says he’s releasing the full transcript of the Ukraine call, and amazingly Democrats now say the whistleblower complaint is more important Folks, the ‘whistleblower’ wasn’t on the call They think a secondhand account of the call will tell you more than the *actual call*’

He added that Pelosi’s “degree changes absolutely nothing:”

‘Speaker Pelosi’s decree changes absolutely nothing. As I have been telling Chairman Nadler for weeks, merely claiming the House is conducting an impeachment inquiry doesn’t make it so. Until the full House votes to authorize an inquiry, nobody is conducting a formal inquiry.’


Trump began punching back with other people’s excuses and condemnation of the Democrats:

“The Democrats have been talking about Impeaching Donald Trump since before he was inaugurated.”  @SteveDoocy @foxandfriends And for no reason other than the great success we are having with the Economy, the Military, Vets, Tax and Regulation Cuts, HealthCare, and so much more!’

Then, the presidents said he wanted an apology:

‘Will the Democrats apologize after seeing what was said on the call with the Ukrainian President? They should, a perfect call – got them by surprise!’

Twitter world went wild. These are some of our favorites below. See what you think:


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