Bernie Sanders Office Evacuated After Package Found


Being in front of the public eye, especially as the political climate turns hot, can be very dangerous. Donald Trump ramps up his rally followers with negative chants, firey words, and calling reporters out by name. Today he said people involved with the whistleblower’s complaint were the equivalent of spies, of traitors. Then, he made it worse.

Trump told a group at the UN to remember what they used to do with those in the old days. Another form of violence hit presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) home office in Vermont. The office had to be evacuated after “a suspicious package” had been located, according to

Police responded to the call from the Burlington, Vermont office just prior to noon on Thursday. Only the senator’s office had to be evacuated. The other offices in the building and on the block were fine.

A state bomb squad has begun an investigation. The police planned to remove the suspicious package with a robot, as is customary.

A suspicious package had been found earlier this month at another Sanders’ campaign offices. It was found on September 11 in Johnsbury, Vermont. Fortunately, it turned out to be safe.

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