Head Of U.S. Intelligence Condemns Trump Ukraine Folly


Donald Trump did a mob shakedown of a smaller nation trying to defend itself in a war against Russia invading it. The president moved all of the communications involving this coverup to a secret location. So what did the acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph McGuire do with a whistleblower’s complaint?

That led to the question of: Who is really running this government? Certainly, McGuire made whistleblowing extremely difficult, beyond what must have already been an already excruciating decision, perhaps a career-ending. This whistleblower has become the real hero in this story. He moved his complaint through the formal method.

The acting DNI Joseph McGuire heads all of the intelligence in this nation. Instead of sending the complaint to the House Intelligence Committee, as is required by law, he went to the White House and Attorney General (AG) for guidance.

Nevermind that both AG Barr and Donald Trump were the source of the problem. POTUS was holding $400 million in desperately-needed military aid hostage from Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.


It was like a scene out of The Godfather. Trump had a deal Zelensky could not refuse or maybe he could. Trump was making certain that his communications never saw the light of day. The communications were the proof of the coverup of Trump asking Zelensky to investigate his pre-determined presidential 2020 election, to find dirt on former vice president Joe Biden’s only surviving son, Hunter Biden.


For 30 years, McGuire served as a Navy SEAL and counter-terrorism expert. He told the House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA), according to The Daily Beast.

‘I think the whistleblower did the right thing.’

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The president called the whistleblower a “political hack job.”

McGuire added that they adhered to the whistleblower statute fully. The Acting DNI called the whistleblower’s complaint “credible” and “important.” McGuire also said he was unaware of who the whistleblower wass.

‘I believe this case is unique and unprecedented.’

Then, the acting DNI told the committee why he made the decision to not give the complaint to the committee. He talked to the DOJ. Then, Attorney General William Barr downgraded its urgency and blocked it from the committee. Trump sealed the deal up when he declared executive privilege. McGuire said:

‘Authority I do not have the privilege to waive.’

McGuire added that Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson had determined the issue from the whistleblower was as both a “credible” and “urgent matter.”

McGuire, a Trump appointee commented further:

‘I believe follow the inspector general for the Intelligence Community.’

‘I Believed he Followed the law.’

McGuire said that the whistleblower did “the right thing” in a “unique and unprecedented” case.

The DNI did seek to have the White House communications preserved.

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Schiff plans to interview the Inspector General and related people. He noted that since it appeared that the intelligence community is not, might not ever look at the coverup, the Intelligence Committee will take it on.

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The committee received the “transcript” of Trump’s communications with Zelensky just before the Intelligence Committee’s hearing. Last week the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) threw her support behind an impeachment inquiry.

What else was put on the secret server to hide information in the Trump coverup?

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