Ukrainian Prosecutor General Exonerates Joe Biden’s Son


Donald Trump is loaded for bear. He told a group of officials at the United Nations (UN) that he wants to find out who leaked the information to the whistleblower. He compared that individual and the whistleblower to spies, traitors. Then, he told them you know what we used to do with them in the old days.

In that chilled environment, former Ukrainian prosecutor general Uri Lutsenko walked onto the scene. He investigated the former vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. The younger man served on the board of an energy company in Ukraine while his father was in office.

Lutsenko said, according to The Washington Post:

‘From the perspective of Ukrainian legislation, he [Hunter Biden] did not violate anything.’

This was not what the U.S. president wanted to hear. He withheld $400 million in desperately-need military aid as the fight in a war against the Russian invasion waged. Trump told Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky that he could have the aid after he dug up dirt on Joe Biden.

Trump made that call to Zelensky on July 25. In their conversation, POTUS said:

‘There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son.’

The whistleblower’s complaint spoke to the Ukrainian president, who:

‘…praised Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, Mr. Yuriy Lutsenko, and suggested that Mr. Zelenskyy might want to keep him in his position.’

The prosecutor general said that during his time in office:

‘No American groups came to Ukraine for an investigation. Hunter Biden cannot be responsible for violations of the management of Burisma that took place two years before his arrival.’

Lutsenko had originally thought Hunter Biden’s actions while he was in Ukraine might be questionable. The prosecutor general said that Donald Trump’s TV attorney Rudy Giuliani tried to get in touch with him twice. On the third time, it worked. He met with the TV attorney in Warsaw, Poland last winter. The was another meeting “in Europe,” and they met a total of three times.

Lutsenko said:

‘I took a vacation. I took my youngest son, I showed him New York and I met with Mr. Giuliani. I had a long conversation with him. But this was only in the forum of exchanging information.’


Giuliani claimed that Biden was corrupt during his five years on the board. The owner of the utility company had been investigated for “abuse of power and unlawful enrichment.” Of course, the president’s attorney had no evidence, and Hunter Biden had not even been accused of wrongdoing.

While he was in office, Joe Biden pressured Ukraine’s to fire Lutsenko’s predecessor Viktor Shokin for not going after the corruption.

‘If we talk about Ukrainian collusion, I think that there were signs of this type of interference.’

Giuliani also claimed Ukrainian officials interfered in the 2016 election on the behalf of Secretary Hillary Clinton.

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