Two Separate Trump Related Subpoenaed Tax Returns Uncovered


The president is already in a heap of hot water over the Ukraine scandal in which he tried to extort the president of Ukraine in order to get dirt on his 2020 political opponent. That blew up in Trump’s face this week as he was forced to release the transcript of the phone call in which he threatened to withhold aid to the country until they came up with something on Joe Biden.

Now, in the middle of this massive scandal that’s being compared to watergate, Deutsche Bank just dropped another bombshell that the president wasn’t expecting.

The company revealed that it has in its possession two tax returns of people involved in the subpoenas for Trump’s financial records. The returns, which have been redacted to protect the identity of the people named in them, speak volumes as to the unethical, if not illegal behavior at the heart of the Trump Administration.

According to the court filing:

“Based on Deutsche Bank’s current knowledge and the results of the extensive searches that have already been conducted, the Bank has in its possession tax returns (in either draft or as-filed form) responsive to the Subpoenas for two individuals, not entities, named in the Subpoenas.”

Deutsche Bank is currently facing multiple lawsuits trying to force them into releasing the tax returns, but have so far fended off all attempts to retain the documents. According to the company, they have not released to papers due to “statutory, contractual, and privacy concerns.”