Lindsay Graham Crashes & Burns Hard During Saturday Meltdown


The transformation of now Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) from supposed guardian of conservatism or whatever to vehement Trump shill has been well documented. This weekend, he took to Twitter to try and defend President Donald Trump against an ongoing impeachment inquiry from Democrats — and it didn’t go so well. It went so poorly that his post sparked a whole trend on the platform, and as of late Saturday afternoon, almost fifteen thousand tweets and counting had been posted with the topic within about a couple hours.

With an air of self-righteousness visible from a mile away, Graham posted:

‘In America you can’t even get a parking ticket based on hearsay testimony. But you can impeach a president? I certainly hope not.’

His point was that Trump shouldn’t be impeached on the basis of “hearsay,” an assertion he thinks is relevant because a whistleblower complaint helping spark the impeachment inquiry contained secondhand testimony. He ignored the fact that the allegations were largely confirmed by a primary source document the White House themselves released covering a scrutinized phone conversation Trump had with the Ukrainian president in which he repeatedly mentioned getting Ukrainian authorities to try and dig up dirt on the Bidens and even said the Ukrainians should connect with Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General Bill Barr as part of the effort. In other words — a document the Trump team themselves released chronicled the president trying to set up a global conspiracy to help his campaign. Again.

The trending topic on Twitter that Graham sparked was about Linda Tripp, a central figure in the 1990s impeachment effort against then-President Bill Clinton that Graham championed. Tripp provided — wait for it — secondhand testimony about the relationship between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, which the president had lied about. That sure didn’t stop Lindsey “impeachment is about restoring honor” Graham.

Check out Twitter’s response…

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