Trump Erupts Into 7-Tweet Sunday Night Panic Attack


Donald Trump’s so-called “presidency” is in big trouble and he knows it! After last week’s announcement by House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, that there was to be a formal inquiry for his impeachment, Trump has been overly defensive to the point of psychotic, which was first made evident in this speech to the UN.

Since then, surprising no one, his Twitter has lit up like a Christmas tree with rant after rant after rant about the “radical left” and the “witch hunt” and how no president has been treated more unfairly. It’s been literally INSANE, but he may have topped that tonight with his most recent trip to crazy town…

And then, because it wouldn’t be right to go one day without mentioning Hillary and her “emails, he ended his tantrum with this:

That’s right, folks. The leader of the free world has lost his mind, and this did not go unnoticed by the Twitterverse, who expressed their feelings in epic form!

Here are some of our favorites:

We hope you have plenty of popcorn because this show looks like it could last a while. This probably won’t be his last rant tonight, so stay tuned!

Featured image via screenshot.