Giuliani Threatens Graham On TV Like He Knows He’s Screwed


Rudy Giuliani has problems. He rants and raves like a total lunatic on camera using a totally new persona he adopted after the rise of Trump, and he embarrasses himself with child-like tantrums that are now happening almost every day. Giuliani’s latest tantrum came by way of a Fox News interview he gave Monday morning.

Giuliani seemed to have threatened Senator Lindsey Graham Monday when he referred to the Senate Judiciary Chair as a “ex-senator.” Graham is up for reelection in 2020, so people believe that Giuliani was trying to intimidate or mock Graham, rather than having forgotten tat he is still very much a United States senator.

Check out the weird interview:

It’s not yet understood why Giuliani would threaten such a devoted Trump zombie, but perhaps Giuliani is just jealous.

People who viewed this video on Twitter had a lot to say about Rudy’s behavior. We saved the best reactions for you below: