Minnesota Official Warns Trump About Hate Speech Before Rally


Trump loves to hold his hate rallies. It’s a place where his gang of merry idiots can join together in their praise of the most illiterate president in American history. (He even beats Johnson!) Trump’s rallies have been equated to KKK rallies, and the rhetoric is right on par for a hate speech movement, which pleases the minds of the easily manipulated.

Rarely is a local politician supportive of Trump holding a rally in their city, that is, unless the rally is being held somewhere in the deep south. But places like Minneapolis, Minnesota are still just as fed up with Trump as the rest of us.

Trump will hold a rally on October 10th in Minneapolis, and the mayor of the city is speaking out ahead of the president’s arrival to let him know that his hateful rhetoric is not welcome.

Mayor Jacob Frey gave this statement to the media Monday:

“Under ordinary circumstances, it would be an honor to welcome a sitting President of the United States to Minneapolis and to showcase all our city has to offer on the national stage. But these aren’t ordinary circumstances.”

Frey wasn’t done there, however. Here is the rest of his statement:

“While there is no legal mechanism to prevent the president from visiting, his message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis.”

The city council president, Lisa Bender, also spoke out against the president’s visit, saying one Twitter:

People responding to Bender’s tweet had plenty to say, both in agreement and against her statement. Check out some of those remarks below: