Trump Caught On Camera Gawking At Young Woman


The president is a known sleaze. He’s been accused of rape multiple times, including one accusation from a 13 year old girl. He’s been caught on hot mic graphically describing how he sexually assaults random women, bragged about dating Ivanka if she wasn’t related to him, and talked about how sexy his daughter was to Howard Stern.

So the photo circulating around Twitter is pretty much what you’d expect of the president. The time is unknown, but it’s definitely post-election, and the event is unknown as well. But, you know what they say..

A picture is worth 1000 words.

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Image via Twitter

Disgusting, right? Not only is he standing only inches from his wife, but the woman he’s gawking at is far younger than he is. The creepy uncle look on his face says everything about how he would act if he got the chance to be alone with her, and the whole thing is just foul.

Below are some things that people had to say about Trump’s criminal and lewd sexual behavior: