Trump Tweets Wednesday Night Gibberish To America (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has spent most of the last couple of weeks having a constant Twittertantrum, and it’s been pretty amazing to watch. He’s gone from screaming about Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry announcement, to doubling down on the Hillary Clinton “But her emails!” saga, to threatening to sue Congress over his impeachment… It’s literally so insane that we are having a hard time keeping track of what’s satire and what isn’t, and I’m sure that you can relate! AND, just when you think it can’t get even MORE ridiculous… It does!

After everything that went down today alone, with his press conference meltdown, his expletive riddled Tweetstory followed by Rudy Giuliani’s equally crazy lawsuit announcement, all of which you can read about here, Trump went and topped it by dragging Nickelback into the fray. Yes, you read that right. I am referring to the band Nickelback!

Trump (or someone who knows how to use photoshop) creatively inserted a picture into an edited version of the video for Nickelback’s song, “Photograph,” of former VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter meeting with board members from a Ukrainian gas company.


Yes, folks, after being caught seemingly red-handed trying to extort the President of Ukraine, your so-called “president” has decided that instead of sucking it up and admitting he is guilty of wrong-doing, he decides instead to act like a crazy person, and go on some bizarre trip about Biden being the one in the wrong. And, now Nickelback, (as if that band doesn’t get enough bad press), is caught in the crossfire.

If you’re baffled right now, trust me… you’re not alone, but the reason for picking the song is likely due to the lyrics, especially that part that goes, “and what the hell is on Joey’s head,” which is likely a dig at Joe’s rumored hair plugs, which is pretty rich coming from the man who has the worst hair ever known to grace a human head.

The irony of the “Photograph” was not lost on the Twitterverse, and their responses did not disappoint. We can only hope that Trump saw a few of these:

Featured image via screenshot