Giuliani Screams On Twitter About Democrats & Impeachment


Things are going so off the rails with the Trump team’s attempt at defending themselves against the ongoing impeachment inquiry that this Thursday, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani flippantly tweeted out the personal phone number of an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Giuliani made the flub in the course of an hours long meltdown over accusations that he acted inappropriately and possibly illegally in serving as a middle-man in President Donald Trump’s efforts to get Ukrainians to dig up dirt on the Bidens. As “evidence,” he posted images of a whole array of private texts between him and various players in the scandal — including Zelensky adviser Andriy Yermak, whose phone number is clearly visible in an image.

As the story goes, Kurt Volker — who served until recently as the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine — supported Giuliani’s efforts from the Trump administration side. Giuliani seems to think this vindicates him, but in reality the dirt scandal just gets that much bigger. Volker abruptly resigned following the revelation of his role in the scheme, which isn’t exactly something you do if you’re innocent.

None of that stopped Rudy!

The texts he posted centered on Volker trying to help Giuliani connect with Yermak. The one with Yermak’s apparent phone number includes the Zelensky adviser thanking Giuliani for “honest and productive conversation” during a meeting they had in Madrid.

Directly at least attempting to respond to a whistleblower complaint alleging that the State Department had to come in after Giuliani and counsel Ukrainian counterparts on what on earth they should actually be doing, Giuliani captioned the image of the thankful message from Yermak:

‘This shows I immediately moved it forward in a positive way for them. They hardly were trying to control me because I was damaging their objective. In fact I was furthering it. Let’s see how Crooked Dems and Corrupt Media twist this?’

Just because someone else was in on the scheme doesn’t mean it was legitimate.

Besides all of the above, earlier in the morning, Giuliani also insisted on Twitter that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) should be “suspended” because he “concealed knowing about whistleblower before he submitted hearsay complaint” — but this is just not what happened. The New York Times reported that the whistleblower went to Congressional staff members (not Schiff) who told them to file their complaint through the proper channel. That’s all.

Making the scope of the situation abundantly clear, in the middle of Giuliani’s hours-long series of frantic Twitter posts, Trump himself proclaimed outside the White House that Ukraine should investigate the Bidens. He’s still after that dirt, even as an impeachment inquiry over the scandal proceeds.

Check out Twitter’s response…

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