SHOTS FIRED: Biden Responds To Trump Attacks


Thursday morning, Donald Trump asked China to investigate Joe Biden while being directly in the middle of a scandal for asking Ukraine to investigate him. Never before has a president of the United States sought out negative information to use against their competitors, but after Trump is ousted and new laws are written, it will hopefully be the last.

The target of Trump’s aggressions, 2020 candidate Joe Biden, has now responded to Trump’s attempt, and boy, is it a doozy.

The Biden campaign just released the following statement:

Trump said this to White House reporters Thursday, requesting that China look into Biden:

“China should start an investigation into the Bidens. It’s certainly something we could start thinking about.”

Check out the video via Twitter:

A member of the FEC tweeted out the following reminder to Trump on Thursday that what he is doing is highly illegal:

Weintraub received many comments on her tweet, and we saved a few of the best ones for you: