McConnell Begs For Donations To Stop Democratic Impeachment


Mitch McConnell is getting desperate. He will do anything he can to keep a Republican in charge, even if that Republican is a criminal mob boss in cahoots with foreign entities to control the government. That makes Mitch McConnell a traitor to America, for which the punishment has always been death.

That will never happen, however, because the checks and balances that use to hold the country together no longer seem to be in place. Politicians like Donald Trump are running rampant and our nation and its citizens are paying the cost.

Mitch McConnell is now trying to obstruct Democrats from impeaching the presidents for his crimes. This could even be an argument for obstruction of justice because McConnell, as well as everyone else who read the Mueller Report, knows that Trump is likely to be indicted as soon as he leaves office.

Nancy Pelosi‘s in the clutches of a left wing mob. They finally convinced her to impeach┬áthe president. All of you know your Constitution, the way that impeachment stops is a Senate majority with me as majority leader,” McConnell says in an ad that began running on Thursday.

“But I need your help. Please contribute before the deadline.”
So, he can stop impeachment if you give him money. But please don’t.