Pelosi Just Accused Trump Of Bribing China To Target Biden


The president of the United States is in some serious hot water, and he has no one to blame but himself for the fate of his future. Trump deserves to spend what’s left of his life in prison for the crimes he’s committed before and after becoming president, but since he is a rich white man, he may end up with probation.

We’re hoping that’s not the case, however, and if Nancy Pelosi has anything to do with it, Trump will definitely be doing hard time. Check out what Pelosi just tweeted:

Pelosi knows that Trump didn’t ask for a free favor from China in exchange for investigating Joe Biden, and so does anyone who has ever done a business deal. It’s laughable that Trump expects people to believe that the Chinese government loves him so much that they don’t want anything in return for launching a costly investigation that may yield absolutely nothing.

People responding to Pelosi’s tweet were in awe of her leadership. Check out what everyone is saying in the comment thread below: