Schiff Tells Trump Where To Shove His Twitter Assaults & It’s Perfect


Adam Schiff is fed up tolerating such a childish and petty president of the United States. Being attacked daily by the person in the highest office in the nation must really wear on a person, and sadly, many people have been right where Schiff is today. Trump’s enemy number one. Trump delivered a belligerent morning rant aimed at Schiff on Twitter, and now, Schiff has responded via his own Twitter page.

This is what Schiff shot back with:

Schiff wasn’t done though. He tweeted this next:

People watching the chaos unfold on Twitter had plenty to say about the immaturity on the president’s part while praising Schiff’s actions to protect the country. And of course, a few Trump supporters sprinkled their way into the conversation as well.

We saved a bunch of the responses to Schiff’s first tweet below: