Trump Baffled After Reporter Asks About Attacks On Biden


The president has been railing on Twitter for days after being caught trying to extort Ukraine for dirt on his 2020 political opponent, Joe Biden. Just a few days after that, Trump said into a camera that China should investigate Biden for corruption, not even realizing that asking a foreign entity for help in an election is illegal despite already being informed of it when he did it in 2016.

Now, a reporter has caught Trump off guard by asking him if he cares about any corruption that doesn’t involve his political rivals. The reporter said this outside the White House:

“Have you asked foreign leaders for any corruption investigations that don’t involve your political opponent?”

Trump responded:

“You know, we would have to look.”

Trump continued:

“What I ask for and what I always will ask for is anything having to do with corruption with respect to our country. If a foreign country can help us with respect to corruption and corruption probe, and — I don’t care if it’s Biden or anybody else. If they can help us.”

“If Biden is corrupt, if his son is corrupt — when his son takes out billions of dollars and he has no experience. He just got fired from the Navy. When they do that, that’s no good. So — just to finish your question. Anything having to do with corruption, I actually feel I have an obligation to do that.”

Check out the uncomfortable video below:

The responses ABC got on their tweet speak volumes as to the distrust Americans have in Donald Trump. He would bring the country to its knees if given the opportunity, and that’s exactly where we’re headed if he’s not controlled very soon.

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