Trump Goes Off Like A Madman During Pre-Dawn Friday Tangent


The president likes to make himself look super guilty on Twitter. No one even has to say something to him to get a response, which makes his one-sided arguments pretty hard to stomach. There is something wrong with Donald Trump, and how he got through life with his very obvious mental issues is unbelievable.

Trump is still railing about everyone in government after getting caught trying to extort Ukraine into giving him dirt on his 2020 competitor Joe Biden.

Check him out:

How stupid does he think we all are? Not only is what he did extremely illegal according to the Federal Election Commission, but trying to pretend that digging up dirt on his presidential competitor has nothing whatsoever to do with politics is just batsh*t crazy.

This could be why he likes wives who speak broken English. They have no idea how dumb he sounds when he speaks.

People on Twitter were ready to fire back as soon as the president posted his tweet. Check out those reaction below via screenshot: