Trump Tower Meeting Lawyer’s Emails Leaked – Witness ‘Falls’ 5 Stories


Newly leaked emails have provided a little insight into a case in which a key witness for the United States mysteriously “fell” out of a 5th story window in Moscow. Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya’s emails now show that the witness’ identity was compromised during Veselnitskaya’s “pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign.”

One such email, seen below, clearly listed the name of the witness:

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According to The Daily Beast:

The Russian lawyer who took part in the infamous Trump Tower meeting with senior Trump campaign officials was part of a secretive campaign on American soil that—according to the emails—may also have involved contempt of court and the violation of lobbying laws. She already has been indicted by the Southern District of New York on obstruction of justice charges.

This spells bad news for the president, who was ignorant enough to associate with a government that is a direct enemy of the U.S. known for murdering whistleblowers. The report continues:

A cache of emails obtained by the Dossier Center, which is a Russian opposition organization based in London, exposes the depth of foreign asset entanglement in Trump’s America at the precise moment that the president’s dealings with Ukrainian officials threaten to pull the Department of Justice and State Department into an unseemly impeachment fight.

The leaked emails offer an unprecedented look into the cynical world of Russia’s remorseless influence campaign within the U.S. Veselnitskaya was representing a company called Prevezon, which was facing an American trial over a $230 million fraud that began in Russia and implicated the Russian authorities.

Trump has found himself in between a rock and a hard place again, and he is the one directly responsible for finding himself in yet another legal predicament.

We told you so.

Russia has long been America’s enemy, but Trump was so blinded about winning that he actually invited these people to Trump Tower for a meeting meant to provide him information on Hillary Clinton…I mean adoption.

The Daily Beast reported that:

emails suggest another court order was violated when the testimony given by a Russian witness leaked, endangering his life before he was due to return to New York to give evidence at the trial.

It was later reported in the Russian media that the witness—Nikolai Gorokhov—had fallen five floors from an apartment building in Moscow. He survived with a fractured skull. He said his fall was no accident, but could not remember exactly what happened.

First of all, it’s insane that he survived, but also pretty amazing because he indicated that his fall was no accident. Unfortunately, the only trauma was to his brain, and so, he cannot say exactly how he ended up falling five floors.

Former U.S. government prosecutor with the Southern District of New York, Cristy Phillips, had this to say about the not-so-coincidental coincidence:

“The integrity of our judicial system depends on lawyers upholding their obligations as officers of the court. Most fundamentally, if a court issues an order, lawyers have to follow it and make sure that others on their side follow it. There were numerous senior lawyers on these emails and they all clearly violated a Second Circuit court order. And these were not inexperienced lawyers, several of them are former Department of Justice attorneys.”

“We’re talking about a case where witnesses had died and other witnesses’ lives and safety had been threatened. These were not low-stakes decisions.”

In early 2019, Veselnitskaya found herself in a whole heap of trouble when emails from this same leak showed that led to an indictment for Veselnitskaya for interfering with an American court.

Some of the emails apparently talk about deliberately breaking a court order in the United States that was meant to protect the witness at all costs. That witness had already testified in a closed deposition, a move that would endanger his life once he went back to Russia.

The report goes on:

According to the Dossier Center leak, Veselnitskaya’s lawyer, Mark Cymrot, wrote a series of emails concerned that his Russian client may have allowed details of Gorokhov’s testimony to be passed on after she was granted access to the testimony under U.S. discovery laws—but only under tight restrictions.

The emails suggest Gorokhov’s secret deposition was leaked to Andrei Nekrasov, a Russian filmmaker who was making a pro-Kremlin movie against the Magnitsky Act at the time.

According to an email dated April 17, 2016, Cymrot says to Veselnitskaya: “[Nekrasov] was using part of Gorokhov’s deposition and separately he said we showed him non-public information … we are under court order to keep [Gorokhov’s] deposition and name confidential.”