Trump Melts Into Saturday AM Mental Episode On Twitter


Trump is currently losing his mind on Twitter again, using the social media outlet as his own very public form of anger management. It’s a bad look for the office of the presidency, and the nation in general, but there is apparently no stopping him, that is, unless impeachment works. Democrats currently have enough votes to impeach the president, but Mitch McConnell is also fundraising to block them.

Trump is taking out all his stress on his Twitter page, essentially making himself look like a total ass in the process. Speaking of asses, that is exactly what Trump is talking about right now. Check out these tweets:

Just went you think he couldn’t lose it any more, he goes and does something like this. Trump and Romney have a long history of going back and forth between loving and hating one another, which makes them both the fakest of phonies in politics.

People on Twitter agreed. Below you can see some of the comments they left below the tweets: