Trump Screams IMPEACH ROMNEY On Twitter & People Go Nuts


The president is furious at Mitt Romney for calling him out when he knows he’s allowed to do nothing but shower Trump in praise. The two failed politicians have been at each other’s throats off-and-on since Trump announced his candidacy for the Oval Office seat, but the second Romney was no longer running against The Donald, he started backing him.

Now, the couple appears to be off-again because the president is calling for Romney’s impeachment on Twitter, and making a total ass of himself in doing so.

Check him out:

FUN FACT: U.S. Senators can only be impeached by the House of Representatives, so Trump is just wasting his breath.

Then, he has to go back to his usual argument, which is that Hillary Clinton deleted thousands of emails.

He wishes that’s all he’s done.

People responding to Trump’s diatribe were pretty amused that he thinks Mitt Romney has a chance of being impeached. Check out the best reactions below: