Biden Tweets Sunday Trolling Of Trump & Donald Is Raging Again


People criticized former vice president and the current leading Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential race, Joe Biden, for not coming out hitting when Donald Trump went after his family. They said he was not fast enough on his feet to go one-on-one with Trump. Well, Biden has been making up for it now in tweets and The Washington Post op-ed.

The op-ed covered most of what was in his tweets and more. Biden said that Trump was the essence of “corruption:”

‘Donald Trump is the definition of corruption.’

Then, he attacked Trump for believing “he is above the law.” Certainly, the sitting president does act as if there was “no limit to his power:”

We have a president who believes he is above the law and that there is no limit to his power. He is wrong. We cannot let him get away with this. Chip in to help us beat him like a drum:’

The former VP shared the many ills and accidents to fall upon his family:

‘If there are any angels in heaven, they are all male and female nurses.’

Biden claimed his opponent, should the former VP win the Democratic bid, was the “most corrupt president in modern history:”

‘Donald Trump is the most corrupt president in modern history.’

Then, Biden went after Trump’s attack ads focused on the former VP:

‘President Trump is spending millions of dollars attacking me because he’s scared I’ll beat him. But I’m not going anywhere. I won’t let Donald Trump choose the Democratic nominee.’

Next, Biden supported Obamacare against Trump’s acts to dismantle even those with “pre-existing conditions:”

‘Obamacare was, and is, a big deal. It covered 20 million additional Americans, protects over 100 million with pre-existing conditions, and has saved lives. We can’t afford to tear it down and start over. As president, I will protect and build on it.’

Here, the Democratic candidate went after POTUS as “wholly unfit” to be president. The reason was at the core of Trump’s corruption:

‘Every day, more evidence is uncovered revealing that Trump is abusing the power of the presidency and is wholly unfit to be president. He is using the highest office in the land to advance his personal, political interests instead of the national interest.’

After that, Biden offered to return the country to being “the leader of the free world:”

‘While the House does its job on impeachment, I’m going to stay focused on what matters: improving the lives of Americans and fighting to ensure that the United States is once again the leader of the free world.’

After that, Biden said that 45 missed “the immense responsibility” of the office:

‘He does not understand the immense responsibility demanded of all those who hold the office of the president of the United States. He sees only the power – and how it can benefit just one person: Donald Trump.’

Then, Biden said he would put “the integrity of my whole career” up against Trump any time:

‘It’s the same cynical playbook he returns to again and again. But this time it won’t work, because the American people know me—and they know him. I will put the integrity of my whole career in public service to this nation up against Trump’s lack of integrity any day of the week.’

Biden pointed to history to emphasize how Trump “seemingly cannot tell the truth:”

‘Our first president, George Washington, famously could not tell a lie. Trump seemingly cannot tell the truth — about anything. He slanders anyone he sees as a threat. It’s why is he is frantically pushing flat-out lies, debunked conspiracy theories and smears against me.’

Then, Uncle Joe came up swinging to tell Trump directly that he intends to “beat you like a drum:”

‘And to Trump and those who facilitate his abuses of power, and all the special interests funding his attacks against me: Please know that I’m not going anywhere. You won’t destroy me, and you won’t destroy my family. And come November 2020, I intend to beat you like a drum.’

The former VP said the country cannot stand “four more years” of Trump in office:

‘Every day it becomes clearer, we cannot give Donald Trump four more years in the White House. Stand with me, and together we can make him a one-term president:’

Then, Biden pointed out “Desperate Donald” was “enlisting the help of a foreign government:”

Desperate Donald Trump knows that I can beat him, so now he’s enlisting the help of a foreign government — once again. It’s an abuse of power and violates every basic norm of the presidency. We cannot give him four more years in the White House.’

Biden took a quick break from his Trump tweeting to send his and his wife Jill Biden’s genuine sympathies to victims of the Kansas City, Kansas shooting. He said they were “devastated:”

‘Jill and I are devastated to hear about last night’s shooting in Kansas City. No one should ever have to fear that they, or their loved ones, may not return home due to senseless violence. We must come together as a country to put an end to these tragedies once and for all.’

Then, it was back to going off on Trump again. Biden noted that while the president gave “giant tax cut” to “the superwealthy,” POTUS was attacking food stamp funds — for the third time:

‘It’s clear who President Trump works for. He gave giant tax cuts to the super-wealthy and corporations. Now, he’s cutting food stamp funding for the 3rd time. It’s cruel. No family should go hungry in America.’

To read Biden’s Washington Post op-ed in its entirety, click on this link.

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