Giuliani Goes Bonkers On ‘Sunday TV’ – Shushes Anchor & Erupts (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump’s team is continuing to flounder as House Democrats continue with their impeachment proceedings in the wake of revelations that Trump tried to get Ukraine to produce dirt on the Bidens that could be useful for Trump’s re-election campaign. This Sunday, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News, where he repeatedly flipped out on host Howard Kurtz, who was trying to ask probing questions about the scandal. At one point, Giuliani even resorted to incessantly shushing Kurtz, besides launching into conspiracy theories about how the “idiot press” supposedly refuses to look into the supposedly oh-so-real and scary corruption allegations against the Bidens.

Considering how far the Trump team took the Hillary Clinton email “scandal” surrounding the 2016 election, it’s not entirely a surprise that they came up with something. Now, Giuliani’s conspiracy theories are only getting more off-the-rails, and now, he’s including new players in his fairy tale ranging from Joe Biden’s brother James to the country of Romania — for some reason.

After coming back after a commercial break after the previous segment ended with Giuliani shouting that Kurtz should be “ashamed” of himself and his profession, he railed at the host:

‘I’m trying to get somebody to investigate what is massive corruption in the Obama administration. A pay-for-play scheme that goes back to the early days in which Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden… And since I got cut off, I didn’t point out the fact that the Ukrainian-American who you’re talking about that gave the five hundred thousand dollars to the brother got twenty million dollars to open up a car dealership in Ukraine. From the federal government. And Joe Biden went all the way to the Ukraine to give a speech to explain what a good car dealer he was.’

As Kurtz pointed out, that Ukrainian-American was a family friend — and despite all Giuliani’s angry pointing into the distance, there still remains no apparent actual evidence that anything the Bidens ever did was off the books. Meanwhile, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort is currently in jail for a money laundering scheme in which he was given millions of dollars for supporting pro-Kremlin interests in Ukraine.

Giuliani is still desperately trying to convince anyone who will listen that his client — the president of the United States — is innocent, despite openly and seriously repeatedly calling on multiple foreign governments to investigate a domestic political opponent, Joe Biden.

He complained to Kurtz:

‘I know you wanna defend it so bad. It’s pathetic. It’s pathetic. Just listen to me for one second.’

After being asked about his response to the Biden campaign saying he shouldn’t even be booked on shows, the president’s lawyer railed:

‘You don’t let me get a sentence out. You contradict me immediately. You watch the interview with one of the Biden cronies, or one of the Democratic lapdogs, and they get fifteen minutes to answer a question, and they get to say stupid things like, ‘Hunter Biden says I didn’t do it.’ End of story. With me, they contradict me before I get one minute into the sentence. So I don’t get to say anything un-contradicted. The reason they don’t want me on is they know something you’re not reporting on. I’ve got it all. I’ve got it all.’

And that “all” is… what exactly? If this is the best the Trump team’s got, House Democratic impeachment investigators are definitely starting out ahead — and then some.

Watch some from Giuliani:

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