Horrific Weekend Mass Shooting Hits 9 People (VIDEO)


Mass shooters come out of nowhere and blast into people’s world, ripping the fabric that holds people’s security safe, and leave it irreparably damaged. They walk into our schools and kill first-graders or high school students. They shoot up movie theaters or houses of worship. This was the latest last night.

A shooting occurred in a popular Kansas City, Kansas bar Saturday night. The shooter left four people dead and five others wounded.

It happened at a private Kansas City bar, the Tequila KC bar at 1:27 CDT. Police found four victims dead inside of the bar, according to the police spokesperson Thomas Tomasic said.

The four were all Hispanic men aged 20’s and 30’s with the exception of one man in his late 50’s. The five individuals who had been wounded were taken to local hospitals. They were in stable condition on Sunday morning. At least two of them have been released from the hospital.

Tomasic noted that police investigators thought:

‘[P]ossibly two suspeccts that entered [the bar and started shooting].

Apparently, the police discovered handgun shell casings at the scene of the shooting and “do not feel it’s racially motivated,” Tomasic reported. According to the preliminary investigation, there was an earlier disagreement that led to the shooting, police relayed. Tomasic reported:

‘We don’t feel that these suspects are going to go out and do this again.’

The Tequilla KC bar was a private members-only club Tomasic said. At the time of the shooting approviately 40 people were inside.

One of the bar’s patrons, who left two hours before the shooting was Shay Celedon. She said that she saw a man come inside, and he appeared to be in an agitated state. Then, she noticed that he started an argument with a bartender. That was when he was escorted out. On the way out, he got into another argument.

Another witness, Toni Maciele has noted that one suspect had been kicked out of the bar. Then, the shooter came back with a second person, and they started another confrontation. Maciel indicated that her cousins had been wounded, and were in stable condition at the hospital.

Maciel said her friends had been killed in the shooting. One of the men who was killed had intended to marry next year, according to both Celedon and Maciel.

Caledon may have been in shock after the shooting. Still, she said she held one of the victims and kept the pressure against his woound. until he died. At that point, she tried to do CPR but to no avail. She added:

‘None of it really seems real right now. We were sitting here yesterday evening having drinks with my best friend’s fiancé. I go home, go to bed, get woken up two hours later that he’s deceased, and she held him till he took his last breath, and tried to bring him back and keep the pressure on his gunshot wound. And it was just one fatal shot that took him from us.’

The Tequila KC bar has been known as a community gathering place. Maciel noted that it had always been a safe, welcoming spot. The people who patron the bar ranged in age from their late 20s until well into their 60s. People typically came after work for a drink. Generally speaking, the patrons knows one another and even their families.

Maciel called on the suspects to turn themselves in to police.

‘Make it easier for yourselves. Find it in your hearts to do this, please. We have brothers, sons, cousins, uncles, that are no longer here because of your senseless act.’

She added that there would be a vigil for the victims.

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