Trump Has Sunday Night Multi Rage-Tweet Impeachment Meltdown


Throughout all of the recent impeachment talk, it isn’t shocking that Mr. Trump has been anything but silent. He continues to grasp at straws while he sinks even further into the swamp.

The president still can’t keep his fingers off Twitter and had another meltdown Sunday afternoon. He retweeted Senator Lindsay Graham’s (R-SC) attempts at discrediting Democrats and the whistleblower, ranted about the media as he frequently does, and advertised his upcoming rally in Minnesota which will take place on Thursday evening.

Like a maniac, Trump tweeted :

This wasn’t the end. The president continued his unhinged tantrum by deflecting and bragging about fake accomplishments.

The fake president couldn’t stop rolling and went on boast about helping farmers too.

Here’s how the rest of the Twitter world had to say:

Trump’s voice is only going to get louder in the coming days as other whistleblowers come forward and Democrats finally nail him.

Featured image is screenshot from YouTube