Public Support Trump Impeachment Makes Major Surge (POLLS)


Many Americans and much of the world are wondering just where Mr. Trump’s impeachment investigation will lead and hoping it will push him out of the oval office door. Impeachment even made sense to many after Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election was completed, especially since the report did not prove the president blameless.

Most recently, now that Democrats are pushing forward with their impeachment probe related to the Ukraine scandal, polls are showing that public support for impeachment is greater than it was for Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton when the House launched inquires against the two former presidents.

It is important to note because although support for Trump’s impeachment is less than half of the country, the Ukraine Scandal is bumping numbers up especially those of Republicans and Independents.

Since May, support for removal and impeachment has risen 11 points to 46 percent among Independents and eight points to 14 percent among Republicans.

According to CNN:

‘The shift has also come notably among younger Americans. Sixty percent of those under age 35 now say they support impeaching Trump and removing him from office, up from 43% who felt that way in May, while support for the move among older Americans has held about even (42% now vs. 40% in May). Previous CNN polling on impeachment has not found such a stark gap by age.’

The survey also found that 48 percent said Trump used the presidency improperly to gain advantage against a 2020 presidential opponent because of his actions with the president of Ukraine.  Thirty-nine percent asserted that he did not use his office improperly and ten percent said they did not know enough to give an opinion.

CNN reported:

‘Americans are more likely to say that most congressional Democrats back impeachment because they believe Trump committed impeachable offenses (49%) than because they Are out to get Trump at all costs (38%). That’s a shift from public sentiment about the House majority’s motivations in impeaching former President Bill Clinton.’

In addition, the public is deeply divided on whether the GOP’s opposition to impeaching Trump is because they are out to protect him at all costs (42%) or do not actually believe he has committed impeachable offenses (43%).

According to CNN:

‘That’s a closer divide than on public perceptions of Democratic handling of Clinton; 51% thought House Democrats were out to protect Clinton at all costs.’

It is important to understand too that the majority of the public did not support impeaching former President Nixon until a few weeks before he resigned.

However, a polling survey released last Tuesday by the Monmouth University Institute shows that Trump should be uniquely considered and “doesn’t look like Nixon.”  The Monmouth Poll showed that 44 percent of respondents though that Trump should be impeached and “compelled to leave the presidency.”

This language is different than other polls that talk about “removal” of the president. According to The Washington Post, the poll is similar to the others though in one way:

‘As with those other polls, there’s been a big swing toward support for impeachment in Monmouth’s latest survey, with a net 16-percentage point swing in favor of impeachment since August. You can see a big spike in support for impeachment on the chart below.’ Public Support Trump Impeachment Makes Major Surge (POLLS) Corruption Crime Donald Trump Impeachment Polls Scandal Social Media Top Stories Videos
via The Washington Post

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