Hillary Responds To Trump’s Request For Her To Run In 2020


Hillary Clinton is the rightful president of the United States. She is the candidate most citizens voted for, but she was robbed of the Oval Office seat by the electoral college. Since then, her supporters have urged her to run for president again, and were upset when she didn’t announce her candidacy this year.

Even Trump misses Hillary apparently, because he just tried to taunt her by asking her to run for president again in 2020. Trump really enjoyed running against Hillary because she fed his anger with her ferocious sense of self.

Trump hates strong women, as can be seen by his laundry list of timid ex-wives, so he is really going to hate Hillary’s response to his childishness.

This is what Hillary shot back with on Twitter:


Trump just isn’t used to women like Hillary. Even Elizabeth Warren just ignores his taunts, which soon leaves Trump bored of his own game. Not with Hillary, though. She is everything Trump wants in a competitor because she will go just as hard and low as he does.

People on Twitter went nuts immediately, proving just how much Hillary is missed in politics. There were also those who want the Clinton name completely out of politics forever. Here are the mixed comments from Hillary’s tweet below: