Jim Jordan Fumbles While Trying To Defending Trump Tuesday


Jim Jordan is one of the biggest weasels in the Republican Party, which means he’s one of the GOP’rs who refuses to rebuke Trump no matter what he does. Literally. Yesterday, Trump pulled American troops from Syria, abandoning our Kurdish allies who are already being bombed by Turkey due to our breaking of the Open Skies Treaty.

Now, Jim Jordan is making any excuse he can think of to defend the president’s decision to block a key witness from testifying for the impeachment inquiry against the president, and it’s not a very easy thing to do.

Jordan said this:

“We would have wished he would have been allowed to testify. We understand why the administration made the decision it did. When you have a chairman release certain parts of a closed-door interview and not release the entire transcript and the context, you can see why they didn’t want to subject him to the same treatment.”

“Remember, why not release the transcript so you can see what Ambassador Volker was doing. There was no quid pro quo quote whatsoever. No quid pro quo whatsoever. The chairman who read the transcript said no quid pro quote whatsoever. He continues to have this bias against the president.”

In the video below, a stumbling Jordan does his best to sound like he believes what he’s saying, but fails terribly. Check him out below:

The responses Campbell got on his tweet speaks volumes of the disaster that has become the Republican Party. We saved the best ones for you below: