Trump Is Selling T-Shirts On Twitter Like A Grifter


Donald Trump may be the so-called leader of the free world, but he is still tackey. No wonder why he never cracked the ceiling of social acceptance in New York City. He has discovered how to make a buck while advertising himself at the same time.

With all the charm of a little traveling mom-and-pop carnival worker, the president called out his “great t-shirts.” He has been hawking police union t-shirts and pocketing the proceeds. “Get your great t-shirts, Cops for Trump:”

Get your great T-Shirts, “Cops for Trump,” at MPDFEDERATION.COM REALLY NICE! Thank you to Minneapolis Police Officers & Union! @foxandfriends’

Then, the president posted a Fox News piece about those t-shirts advertising police union support for Trump.

Finally, Trump asked whether House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) had been “fully discredited:”

‘Hasn’t Adam Schiff been fully discredited by now? Do we have to continue listening to his lies?’

The president has figured out that if he tries to discredit the House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) hearing, he can justify keeping all White House people away from the committee’s hearing.
Bipartisan Senators found that the Russian manipulation of social media hurt Hillary Clinton and favored Donald Trump. The Russians also targeted black voters over others, and by doing so, the Russians handicapped the largest voting block for Democrats. This group of bipartisan senators just asked for laws to block foreign election interference.
Twitter world went wild. Take a look at these favorites below:
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