Trump Tweets Excuse For Setting Kurds Up For A Bloodbath


Donald Trump said he can do whatever he wants. Throughout his nearly three years in office he said: When the military is out of ammunition. When I took over our military. I took over the United States. Hey Russia, if you have Hillary Clinton’s emails. He listened to Russia and Turkey, then said he was pulling our troops out of Syria. This is what he said today.

After inviting Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip  Erdogan to the White House next month, he retweeted a Team Trump tweet that he was “negotiating REAL trade deals:”

President @realDonaldTrump is negotiating REAL trade deals for the American people. He’s made fairer trade deals with: Japan South Korea Mexico and Canada (USMCA) No more taking advantage of the United States! Congress must also pass the USMCA!’

Then, he retweeted about his “rules for digital trade:”

WATCH: President @realDonaldTrump discusses signing two early outcomes from trade negotiations with Japan! Will allow better access for approx. 90% of U.S. agricultural exports to Japan. Sets “gold standard” rules for digital trade.’

Of course, the farmers would feel relieved if the president signed an agreement with Japan. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst noted that:

‘Thank you Joni!’

Next, Trump went after the Minneapolis mayor:

‘The lightweight mayor is hurting the great police and other wonderful supporters. 72,000 ticket requests already. Dump Frey and Omar! Make America Great Again!’

He retweeted that the mayor had committed “extortion:”

‘EXTORTION! Minneapolis Mayor Tries to Shut Down Trump’s “Keep America Great” Rally’

Clearly Trump was trying to change the subject by pounding the mayor:

‘This is an outrageous abuse of power by a liberal mayor trying to deny the rights of his own city’s residents just because he hates the President!’

Then, he tried to justify an instant decision to troops pulling out U.S. troops supporting the Kurds, leaving them to a bloodbath against Turkey:

‘So many people conveniently forget that Turkey is a big trading partner of the United States, in fact they make the structural steel frame for our F-35 Fighter Jet. They have also been good to deal with, helping me to save many lives at Idlib Province, and returning, in very…..’

Next, Trump claimed his quick decision after talking to the president of Turkey would stop “endless wars:”

…..good health, at my request, Pastor Brunson, who had many years of a long prison term remaining. Also remember, and importantly, that Turkey is an important member in good standing of NATO. He is coming to the U.S. as my guest on November 13th. #ENDENDLESSWARS’

He reinforced the idea of “leaving Syria:”

‘We may be in the process of leaving Syria, but in no way have we Abandoned the Kurds, who are special people and wonderful fighters. Likewise our relationship with Turkey, a NATO and Trading partner, has been very good. Turkey already has a large Kurdish population and fully….’

Then, POTUS tweeted that “we only had 50 soldiers” in the Kurdish area. That was a lie. We have 5,000 without signs of leaving:

‘….understands that while we only had 50 soldiers remaining in that section of Syria, and they have been removed, any unforced or unnecessary fighting by Turkey will be devastating to their economy and to their very fragile currency. We are helping the Kurds financially/weapons!’

Twitter world went insane. Check out these favorites below:

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