Hillary Wakes Up & Master Trolls GOP With Wednesday Tweet To Voters


One of Donald Trump’s and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) greatest achievements was to steal one of President Barack Obama’s appointments to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). Then, Trump inserted his own far-right Justice Brett McCain. We are returning to the 1950’s mentality, and here is why.

The problem became very apparent when the Supreme Court took up an anti-abortion case. The abortion law has been settled law for decades. Suddenly, the ultra-conservative and other religious groups have imposed their religion upon the rest of the country.

Hillary Clinton tweeted about the Supreme Court taking up a challenge by Louisiana’s anti-abortion law:

‘The Supreme Court just announced it will hear arguments in a case challenging Louisiana’s anti-abortion law. Here’s what that means’

Clinton noted that this was the first abortion case in “the Kavanaugh era:”

‘The Supreme Court has taken on its first abortion case of the Kavanaugh era—choosing to re-visit a law it struck down in 2016 in the Whole Women’s Health case. If the Court defies its own precedent, Roe’s protections will be rendered virtually meaningless.’

Twitter world lit up:

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